Wellbeing. Safety.

The welfare of our animals is our priority consideration and a foundational value upon which we’re building our business and our future.


Our commitment to animal welfare is proven by our consistent performance in surpassing the Australian Government’s Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS) requirements in Indonesia, as well as in all our feeder cattle export markets. ESCAS is based on the four principles of:

  • Animal welfare
  • Control through the supply chain
  • Traceability through the supply chain
  • Independent audits
Animal Welfare watermark


LivestockOne is AUSTREX’s own digital livestock traceability system. We’ve invested in the development of this technology to ensure a safe, transparent and traceable supply chain to provide peace of mind to ourselves, our customers and our communities.

Part of your team

At AUSTREX we take our responsibility as global livestock leaders seriously and work closely with our customers to support them in having the necessary skills and infrastructure in place to safely handle the animals they purchase.

Animal Welfare vets at work

Sea and Air

AUSTREX has contributed significantly to the jointly funded Australian Industry and Government Livestock Export Research and Development Initiative. This $2.4 million effort has significantly improved animal welfare for all species exported by sea and air.