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The 29th Annual Ntca And Industry Conference

We are happy to announce that AUSTREX will be attending the 29th annual Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association (NTCA) Conference, being held in Alice Springs. The conference will provide a space for industry professionals to discuss issues regarding live cattle export, industry support for communities involved in cattle export, and the welfare and humane treatment of animals.

The Northern Territory Cattleman’s Association represents a membership base of over 90% of the Northern Territory’s cattle industry, including small family operations as well as large organisations. The combined total of members manage over half a million head of cattle per year, and together make a major contribution to not only overseas trade, but also Australian food production, employment, and regional development. The live export industry is the financial backbone of the Northern Territory’s primary industry, and the NTCA as an association are a powerful leader in conservation and land rights of its members.  Like AUSTREX, the NTCA are passionate about high standards of animal welfare.

The conference is one of the most important industry events of the year, and will be attended by over 400 industry professionals, politicians (both state and federal), and distinguished guest speakers.

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AUSTREX are excited to be part of such a fast-growing and dedicated industry, ensuring a strong future for live export and the humane and ethical treatment of animals. It cannot be stressed enough how fundamentally important it is to AUSTREX that we ensure the high standards of welfare are applied to all animals whether transported by sea or air.

AUSTREX has over forty years of experience within the live export industry and over this time has made significant contributions to the research and development of live export and ethical treatment of animals. To emphasise our commitment to the humane treatment of animals, we have implemented a policy across all of our feeder cattle supply chains, requiring 100% stunning prior to slaughter. This ensures the humane treatment of feeder cattle and ensures that we continue to monitor and control the welfare standards throughout the supply chain, and once the cattle reach their destinations.

AUSTREX are working to continually improve the treatment of animals not just in Australia and during voyages, but also in overseas abattoirs, where previously there had not been the same jurisdiction.

We are supportive of the Australian Government’s Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS) and take great initiative in the development and training of stakeholders throughout our overseas supply chain.

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