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Quality Service And Ethical Livestock Exports

We take every step to ensure the safety and welfare of the livestock we transport.

With over 40 years’ experience in livestock export, we at AUSTREX are dedicated to the ethical and humane treatment of livestock. There are over 100 countries exporting  livestock  and Australia is the only country regulating international animal welfare standards from paddock to the point of processing. This means AUSTREX  and the industry is positively influencing the actions of other countries by its presence in the market and investment in training & infrastructure.

Doing our part to care for the livestock we ship.

At AUSTREX our commitment to animal welfare goes further than just adhering to guidelines set in place by the Australian Government. We go the extra mile to invest in research and development to ensure the animals we export travel in optimal conditions. AUSTREX has contributed significantly to the jointly funded Australian Industry and Government live export research and development initiative. This R&D initiative, which is funded to around $2.4 million annually, has significantly improved animal welfare within the complete livestock support chain for all species exported both by sea and air.

Keeping animals safe throughout their travels.

A major point of difference we employ that many companies do not is our proprietary online integrated livestock management system – a system that feeds us live, up-to-date livestock monitoring and traceability so we can track and routinely check the health and wellbeing of every animal from the point of purchase through to delivery. This means no animal is neglected, and we are able to watch over their health and safety throughout the entire process.

Animals exported are always in the best hands.

Qualified and experienced stockmen and women care for our sheep and cattle throughout their travels abroad and we employ Australian Government accredited veterinarians who provide an extra level of care on vessels travelling on longer voyages. On board, all animals have room to move around and lie down, ready access to food and water and are placed in hospital pens if they are in need of extra care.

Ensuring high quality service.

AUSTREX are an ethical and responsible live export company that takes the health and welfare of our cattle, sheep, and other livestock very seriously. Our highest priority is to ensure that these animals have the best journey possible. Ensuring the safety of our animals also ensures that the customer receives livestock that are in peak health and physical condition.

AUSTREX is a leading international livestock exporter, with a reputation for integrity, quality, and reliability. With a strong and vast global network of employees working in-market around the world, AUSTREX can source livestock from multi-origins to best satisfy customer needs. We have a respected record of dependability and stability in delivering livestock to customer specifications and timelines. Our primary focus is to continue to build a strong rapport with all our customers and ensure their livestock both departs and arrives safe and healthy.

To discover more about our initiative for promoting animal welfare within the export industry or to enquire about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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