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Austrex Attends The Indo Livestock Expo Of 2013!

This month AUSTREX attended the Indo Livestock 2013 Expo and Forum in Bali, spearheaded by one of our leading export specialists Mr Rocky Maza…




This month The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia ran the annual Indo Livestock Expo and Forum, which was held at the Nusa Dua Convention Centre in Bali over the 5th till the 7th of June. At this large expo there were seminars held discussing the future of the animal husbandry industry in Indonesia as well as demonstrations of Indonesia’s renewed dedication to the export industry. The industry expo collaborated with a number of Indonesian companies including Indo Feed, Indo Dairy and Indo Fisheries, which provided insights from every subsector of the import and export industry. The audience of the expo was extremely varied, with retailers, food processors, distributors, importers, agriculturalists and veterinarians constituting the broad audience.

The Indo Livestock Expo is imperative to the continued development of Indonesia’s agricultural industry

Not only does this expo showcase Indonesia’s interest in refining their livestock husbandry techniques, it also shows their continued dedication to finding out more about the industry. With representatives there from all corners of the globe, the exchange of country to country agricultural information and standards will definitely be beneficial to the ongoing consideration of livestock well-being in the industry.

This year AUSTREX shared a booth with Meat & Livestock Australia

At the 2013 expo AUSTREX combined its efforts with Meat & Livestock Australia which is involved with delivering marketing and research to cattle producers in Australia. They are dedicated to providing thorough information to agricultural specialists within Australia so that they can reap the tangible benefits of the tools and services provided.


The Indonesian Livestock Expo showcased their upcoming campaigns and plans for their livestock industry

This year’s expo helped shed some light on Indonesia’s livestock ambitions for the future. Recently the nation has been running a campaign to encourage the consumption of animal protein, including the intake of foods such as beef, eggs, milk and fish. The consumption of this food group was promoted within the confines of the Indonesian government’s new agenda which involves the instigation of a beef self-sufficiency program.

AUSTREX is forever building its global network

AUSTREX is dedicated to the ongoing communication between nations and the live export of beef and cattle. We can assure you that our standards are extremely high when it comes to the welfare and proper treatment of our animals, both before and after export. Our two main principles are quality and reliability which entails all aspects of our export procedures. We have decades of experience in the humane export of Australian livestock, and are proud to call ourselves quality handlers who manage global export trades.

To find out more about AUSTREX, what we do and the Australian export industry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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