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Austrex Finalists In 2013 Queensland Training Awards

AUSTREX is proud to have been selected as a Small Employer of the Year Finalist at This Year’s Queensland Training Awards

At AUSTREX we look after our employees, ensuring that they feel consulted and listened to. This reinforces a positive staff culture where employees and their families are actively involved in the AUSTREX community.

52nd Queensland Training Awards 2013

The Queensland Training Awards are Queensland’s highest recognition for training. The 161 finalists for the 2013 Queensland training awards were selected from more than 600 entries across a range of industries.

These awards recognise organisations and people who strive for success, innovation in training, and best practice.


Categories for the training awards include:

  • Graduates of certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses
  • School-based apprentices and trainees
  • Soon to be finished apprentices and trainees
  • Training organisations, teachers and trainers
  • Small employers who use training in their workplace
  • Medium employers who use training in their workplace
  • Large employers who use training in their workplace

At AUSTREX we are proud to have been finalists for this prestigious state award.

AUSTREX Is Committed To Looking After Our Communities and Our Customers

AUSTREX is a pioneer of the livestock export trade which was established in 1973, and has since become a global industry leader.

Through trade benefits, training, technology transfers and support, we strive to help all of our supply chain partners to benefit from their experience with AUSTREX.

Supporting Farmers

At AUSTREX we provide income and employment for people living in countries where we source our livestock. This provides them with access to high value international export markets.

In Australia alone, AUSTREX has livestock on 26 properties across Tasmania and Western Australia. This helps to create positive animal welfare outcomes, as well as providing those farmers with income and employment.

Many other communities in the area also benefit from our business operations. Some of the ways we help create employment opportunities for communities include:

  • Mustering contractors
  • Helicopter pilots
  • Trucking companies
  • Feed suppliers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Vets



AUSTREX’s Customers

We provide our customers with quality livestock, technology and training to help them advance their production, quality, capability and incomes in their communities. This is focused especially in less developed countries where the standards of animal welfare may, or is not, up to international standard.

AUSTREX’s success

Our success is founded on a strong reputation around the world for quality, reliability, integrity, and we have an outstanding history of safe and humane exports of the best breeder and feeder livestock.

AUSTREX exports to all the major markets worldwide from a range of international supply markets. This gives all our customers access to quality livestock that is suited to their needs.

Leaders in the Industry

At AUSTREX we understand, manage and lead the livestock export industry to meet the challenge of providing more detailed, verifiable information and background of the products they purchase. The trading environment is changing and as a vital link in the global food supply chain we are moving forward to meet this challenge.

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