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Austrex Is Looking To Buy More Australian Livestock

With offices around the globe, AUSTREX has huge orders to fill and are looking to acquire more livestock from Australian farmers

As industry leaders in ethical, international live export, AUSTREX works to ensure the safety and humane treatment of livestock in our care and to help build and empower the communities in which we operate. We are able to do this by supporting our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in Australia and around the world as well as through the continued development of mutually beneficial business relationships with targeted suppliers around the world.

AUSTREX has a long and recognised history in exporting livestock

AUSTREX has more than four decades of experience in exporting livestock around the world. We have the commitment, vision and foundations to move forward in working with our customers and their needs in today’s global environment. We are able to procure, assemble, heath test, quarantine, load and ship livestock.

Live Export involves more than getting livestock from point A to point B: there is also ensuring that livestock is treated ethically from point of sale post-delivery. AUSTREX has an experienced and highly qualified team who focus on looking after the needs and requirements of our customers.


AUSTREX is an ethical global trading house

AUSTREX is a global trading house with offices in China, Russia, USA, Turkey, Indonesia and New Zealand. It also means that AUSTREX has greater control over the supply chain, so we can ensure livestock is delivered to customers ethically and responsibly.

As a company, AUSTREX is committed to the welfare and ethical treatment of livestock throughout the supply chain. As such, one of main focuses is ensuring that all livestock we export are managed according to World Organisation for Animal Health standards.

In fact, when you work with AUSTREX you can rest assured that you’re working with a company that implements a high standard of animal welfare.

AUSTREX and our commitment to animal welfare

As part of our commitment to a high standard of animal welfare outcomes we have implemented a 100% stunning prior to slaughter policy across all our feeder cattle export supply chains. On top of this we have implemented the Australian Government’s Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS) in all the feeder cattle export markets that AUSTREX operates in.

With livestock monitoring and traceability we are able to provide up-to-date information about the health and wellbeing of every animal right throughout the supply chain. The use of technology encourages greater transparency, positive animal welfare outcomes and ensures that customers receive what they ordered.


Looking to sell your livestock?

As a global trading house, AUSTREX regularly have large orders that need filling and even though we have 26 properties across Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia we are always on the lookout for farmers wanting to sell their livestock.

AUSTREX is continually investing in the expansion of existing and the development of new markets for Australian cattle. And it’s not just cattle that AUSTREX are interested in; we have the experience and expertise to supply:

AUSTREX is always looking for Australian farmers who are interested in selling their livestock to a reputable live export company who will ensure your livestock is treated humanely through the whole process.


We provide tailored solutions to each of our clients; from full turn-key technology transfer implementation to brief technical inputs regarding nutrition, animal husbandry, and traceability as well as farm management programs.

What AUSTREX does for its customers

AUSTREX tries to exceed the expectations of customers with our exceptional customer service and superior quality products. Working in-market, we are able to provide expert selection and delivery of livestock, all of which is done alongside world best practice animal welfare best practices.

With recent events around the world regarding animal welfare and food safety, consumers more and more are seeking detailed and verifiable information on what they purchase. The trading environment is constantly changing and live exporters must move forward to meet this challenge. AUSTREX currently leads and manages the Australian Live Export Industry in this challenge.

Because of our quality assurance processes, our customers can rely on products that are always of the highest quality. Our customers can also count on the fact that products will be delivered with ethical, responsible and humane management of livestock throughout the supply chain.

If you are an Aussie livestock farmer interested in moving livestock with an export company renowned for their ethical treatment of livestock, contact AUSTREX today.

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