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Austrex Is A Global Trading House Looking To Expand

AUSTREX has Operations in Russia, China, USA, Turkey, Indonesia, Uruguay and New Zealand

With operations around the world, AUSTREX is one of the largest livestock export businesses in the world. We ship livestock all around the world from our international offices and are a company well known for the ethical and responsible exporting of livestock.

Having offices all over the world allows us to have greater control over the supply chain which allows us to ensure that livestock is delivered to customers ethically and responsibly. To help ensure this we export our livestock according to the World Organisation for Animal Health Standards.

snowcowsAUSTREX Works Closely with Customers and Suppliers to Achieve the Best Results

AUSTREX has developed Turn-key Project Solutions that are suitable for a variety of markets.

Our turn-key technology transfer and project implementation requires a complex understand and close relationship with our customers. We are able to draw on resources to deliver cutting edge technology to give our customers a complete food supply chain solution.

Some of these solutions include:

  • The development of a feedlot production system
  • The development of a complete dairy facility
  • The supply and construction of Dairy processing facility
  • The supply and construction of a multi-species abattoir
  • The development of a multi-species, genetics or breeding facility
  • Management of an existing livestock operation
  • AUSTREX has the skill and experience to help our customers succeed in the global food supply chain.

Additionally, we provide technical inputs on nutrition, animal husbandry, traceability and farm management programs. The traceability system that AUSTREX has developed is a market leader in traceability and data collection that uses a customised computer software program. This software allows livestock to be:

  • Identified from their property of origin to slaughter.
  • Maintaining food safety and product integrity.
  • Capture relevant breeding information for further integration to destination country breeding management program.


Forty Years of Experience in Live Export

With forty years of experience AUSTREX has a reputation for integrity, reliability and quality with a strong global network. As a company we are able to provide expert selection and delivery of livestock in accordance with world best practice animal welfare practices.

AUSTREX has a track record of consistency and reliability in delivering livestock to customer specifications and timelines. We implement safe, traceable and humane livestock supply chain systems in order to guarantee superior quality livestock delivered.

What Happens During The Journey Overseas?

When livestock are shipped overseas they are looked after by accredited stockmen and women and Australian Government accredited veterinarians provide extra level of care for those long-haul voyages. All animals on board have room to move, to lie down as well as ready access to food and water. If they need extra care, hospital pens are also available.

We also use our online integrity livestock management system so that we are able to provide up-to-date livestock monitoring and traceability to track the health and wellbeing of every animal from when it’s purchased to when it’s delivered to the customer.

Working in the International Market

Due to worldwide events regarding animal welfare and food safety, consumers are increasingly demanding more verifiable, detailed information on the products they purchase.

AUSTREX provides consultancy services to assist and advise our international customers with the design, development and operation of world best practice:

  • Feedlots
  • Cattle breeding operations
  • Dairy farms



AUSTREX is constantly developing quality supply chain alliances with targeted producers around the globe. We are always on the lookout for producers who are able to supply livestock consistently to requirement and from a controlled supply source. Dealing with suppliers directly provides AUSTREX with greater control over its supply chain—this exceeds Australian and international standards.

Over the forty years we have been in the live export business, we have built a reputation among our suppliers for integrity, quality and reliability. This has paved the way for mutually beneficial business relationships. In turn this has allowed us to export to all the major markets worldwide from a range of international supply markets.


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