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The International Year Of Family Farming

Australia’s National Farmer’s Federation (NFF) have asked all Australians to join them in celebrating the International Year of Family Farming in 2014

The United Nations has declared 2014 the International year of Family Farming. Over 90% of Australian Farms are owned and operated by families. The 157,000 Australian Farmers produce around 93% of our daily domestic food supply. They also contribute $38 billion in export income and manage 59% of Australia’s land.

One of the aims of International Family Farmers’ Year is to raise awareness of the contribution farmers make to the economy.

International Year of Family Farming

Did you know it was the International Year of Family Farming?

Probably not.

Livestock farming

At the moment more than 60% of Queensland is in drought. New South Wales is not doing much better. Even when a couple of ex-tropical cyclones battered the Northern Queensland coast, the western parts of the state still didn’t get any rain.

For some farmers it is a desperate affair. If they do not get rain soon, there is no telling what might happen. After all, their livestock are suffering. The normally green pastures are so much hardened dust in the dry, moisture-free wind.

Farming is how these people feed their families and support their communities. But if the drought continues, these towns and families will have to look for other ways to make money.

However, it’s not all bad news for farmers and the expansion of the live export market.

AUSTREX shipping livestock to China

AUSTREX’S New Zealand office has been safely, humanely and expertly shipping livestock to China. On board every livestock vessel stockmen and a vet travel with the livestock to their destination. The livestock’s beds are changed frequently throughout the journey to help ensure they are in as good a condition as when they got on the boat.

AUSTREX keeps tabs on livestock when they are at sea with daily progress reports. This allows AUSTREX managers to ensure the health of the livestock right up until the livestock reach their destination. More than 30,000 heifers were shipped to China from New Zealand last year.

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