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The Farmers, The Drought And The Live Export Trade

It’s not that they are against killing livestock…after all; the alternative suggestion is to slaughter the livestock here and send the cuts, frozen, to whosoever wants frozen goods

Farmers around the country are dealing with drought, dealing with dying livestock and facing a bleak future. While it’s not all doom and gloom, it is looking shaky for an industry that brings in over $900 million a year to the Australian economy.

The question is would you buy frozen meat from China? Frozen venison from America? One of the more vocal arguments against sending frozen meat to other countries is: the boat gets too hot, the meat thaws and then you’ve got the risk of poisoning.

It’s not a very good argument. Not really. But then neither is throwing live export into the ‘too hard basket’ and just walking away. Too much of the conversation is around things that either cannot be controlled or around ideas that work wonderfully on paper but fall short in the real world.

The farmers and the drought

It is an interesting thing. When animals are poorly treated overseas people are up in arms. And yet, when it comes to their own backyard, these same people are surprisingly quiet. As animals suffer in the drought, the response isn’t “that’s terrible, let’s help” its “oh well, that’s just part of being a farmer.” As though starving animals in Australia are the farmer’s problem, but when they are overseas in the hands of people who paid for them, suddenly something bad is happening.

That is not to say that the various terrible things that have happened overseas, aren’t terrible. There just seems to be double standards when it comes to the welfare of animals.

The drought is still going on.

The small amount of rain that greeted the prime minister on his tour, while welcome, was barely enough to scratch the surface. The farmers are trying to survive and more importantly (some may argue) they are trying to keep their livestock alive. No one wants to see their animals slowly starve to death as they stand by powerless to do anything.

The live export trade

The live export trade has been slowly growing over the last three months. Without this growth, North Queensland cattle farmers, and indeed all of Queensland famers would be in serious trouble.  The two countries primarily responsible for this are Vietnam and Indonesia. One of the reasons that exports to Vietnam are so strong is because of the suitable slaughter weight cattle from the catchment area.

AUSTREX working closely with farmers

Part of AUSTREX’s work is helping farming communities. By working closely with these communities, both internationally and in Australia AUSTREX provide income and employment to people. We also provide access to high value international markets.

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