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March Was A Good Month For Live Export

Australia’s beef exports for March hit an all-time record of 106,297 tonnes: a 100 tonnes more than the previous record set last July

2014 is turning into a great year for live export in Australia.  March was a record-high month for export topping July 2013 by almost 100 tonnes. The record last year was during the drought when cow liquidation was reaching frantic levels.

This March is the fifth month since May 2013 that the monthly figures have exceeded 100,000 tonnes. What is so great is that the volume of live export is gradually building. On top of that: to see so many months exceeding 100,000 tonnes has never before been seen in Australian export.

alltimehigh (1)23% increase year-on-year

To date, this calendar year beef exports to all markets have hit 275,000t which is up 23% compared to the same period last year.  Over the last fourteen months, largely due to the drought, there has been a surge in beef slaughter which has seen eight consecutive in-month shipment records broken: as well as an overall 2013 export beef tally hit over a million tonnes.

Another contributing factor to the growing success of live export is the softening trend of the Australian dollar. When it comes to markets such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey, Australia is in competition with America. So as the Australian dollar softens against the USD, live export from Australia becomes increasingly competitive.

Live exports of Angus to Russia has increased 8.25%

In 2010 the number of Angus females exported to Russia was 4000. Last year it was 33,000.

This is due, in part, to Russia’s desire to increase its own meat production capacity, for the future. The export to Russia happens seasonally (during Australia’s winter which is their summer) this gives the cattle time to acclimatise to North Europe’s—comparably—savage winter conditions.

The Angus breed is ideal for Russia because of its genetics. The base genetics of the Angus in Australia is close to those in the USA and Canada so they are able to acclimatise better than most breeds.

There is also the fact that Angus is one of the most successful breeds of cattle: it is renowned for the fine marbling texture and superlative eating qualities. The Angus can repeatedly turn out Choice and Prime grade meats.

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