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Animal Welfare

‘If Australia is not in the livestock export trade leading the world with the best quality supply chains, the best quality vessels and the best quality systems, livestock will be sourced from someone with no regard for this focus.’

With more than 40 years’ experience in livestock export, AUSTREX is committed to ethical and humane treatment of livestock throughout the supply chain.

ESCAS ‘plus’

Testimony to AUSTREX’s commitment to best practice animal welfare is our track record in implementing the Australian Government’s Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS) requirements in Indonesia and across all feeder cattle export markets in which we operate. In addition AUSTREX has implemented a policy of 100 percent stunning prior to slaughter across all its feeder cattle export supply chains to ensure an even higher standard of animal welfare outcomes.

Livestock monitoring and traceability

Using our proprietary online integrated livestock management system, we can provide up-to-date livestock monitoring and traceability to track the health and wellbeing of every animal from the point of purchase through to delivery to the customer. This technology promotes positive animal welfare outcomes, greater transparency and ensures customers get what they ordered.

In-market support

AUSTREX employs qualified and experienced personnel who provide invaluable in-market support for our supply and delivery operations, ensuring the welfare of animals throughout the supply chain. This support includes training on safe animal handing and welfare practices.

Customer collaboration

AUSTREX undertakes extensive customer pre-qualification, checking to ensure our customers have in place the appropriate infrastructure, systems and training to support the type of livestock they are seeking to import and manage.

Investment in animal welfare initiatives

AUSTREX has contributed significantly to the jointly funded Australian Industry and Government live export research and development initiative. This R&D initiative, which is funded to around $2.4 million annually, has significantly improved animal welfare within the complete livestock support chain for all species exported both by sea and air.

Better animal welfare supported totally by AUSTREX for all animals exported, provides the pillars on which live animal exporting will prosper in the foreseeable future.

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