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Austrex Is Proudly Supporting The Biogas Project In Indonesia

Much of rural Indonesia has unreliable access to LPG so they must use wood for cooking their meals. A spokesperson from Agro Giri Perkasa has said that converting manure into biogas could have environmental and cost benefits for farmers. In fact, it is estimated that a feedlot would only need the manure from two or three cows to produce enough biogas for eight hours of cooking.


These biogas reactors, built by Biogas Rumah, will be donated to rural Indonesian communities by Agro Giri Perkasa. Their goal is that, in the near future the big feedlots of Indonesia could potentially create enough biogas for their regions.

AUSTREX is proud to partner with Argo Giri Perkasa (AGP)

AUSTREX is proud to help by providing a small tenure to help construction begin. Alongside a number of other Australian companies, AUSTREX  is helping AGP work to improve domestic conditions in Indonesia. This is all part of AGP’s corporate social responsibility activities and AUSTREX’s continued desire to help the communities we operate in.

The progress report as of 18th of February

Construction of the farmer biogas project started in November 2013 and so far two house reactors have been completed. Once their kitchens have been completed they will be connected to the digesters. What this means for these families is power fuelled by biogas, no more having to go out hunting for wood so they can cook late at night.

One of the main aims of this project is to help—long term—improve living standards.

AUSTREX is committed to helping farmers worldwide.

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