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Breeding Sheep

AUSTREX has been one of the major exporters of breeding sheep from Australia over the past 20 years. Breeding sheep genetics in Australia supplied by AUSTREX include (but are not limited to):

  1. Meat Purpose Breeding Sheep:
    Short wool – Dorper, Poll Dorset, Suffolk and Texel
    Long wool – Romney;
  2. Wool Sheep Breeds:
    Australian Merino
    South African Meat Merino (dual- purpose breed)
  3. Fat tail Sheep Breeds:
    Awassi, Karakul, Damara and Van Rooy.

With a proven product and a reputation for being able to meet specific climatic, cultural and economic requirements, AUSTREX has been able to maintain its position of pre-eminence in the breeding sheep export market.

Breeding Goats

AUSTREX has exported Dairy, Meat and Fibre Breeding Goats to global markets from both Australia and New Zealand.

Dairy breeds are predominantly Saanen but also include Anglo Nubian and Toggenburg. Additionally, Boer Goats and other meat breeding goats can be supplied to assist customers in sourcing the best genetics to meet their requirements.

The Health benefits of milk supplied by dairy goats is well recognised and AUSTREX supports its growth in consumption by supplying the best genetics to its customers to grow production.

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