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Dairy Cattle

AUSTREX has successfully exported Dairy cattle to various destinations around the world.

The Australian Dairy industry is based on year round extensive pasture based grazing systems rather than intensive feedlot type production systems.

Australia’s production systems allow AUSTREX to select dairy cattle based on their environmental adaptability for various export markets.

Victoria accounts for over 60% of Australia milk production in Australia with the other states having smaller but viable dairy industries.

The Australian dairy herd consists of approximately 11,000 farms and 2.1 million head of cattle with 80 per cent of the breeds being Holstein Friesian and 11 per cent Jersey. The Holstein Friesian is the most popular breed used in Australia due to its ability to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions and its large milk production capabilities. Other dairy breeds are available but only in smaller numbers. For more information on the Holstein Friesian breed please click the link below:

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