Growing Livestock Communities

We’re honoured to be part of the communities in which we work and proud to provide safe, quality food to households across the world. We have long-term working relationships with over 10,000 producer properties across Australia, plus a significant producer network in New Zealand, Uruguay and the United States, and other key international provenances.

We acknowledge and value our business operations and investment in innovation puts us in a unique position to collaborate with our supply chain partners and support the development of skills and economic growth across their businesses – and their local communities.

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Local families & business

We work with local farmers and businesses all over the world. We’re proud this generates income and employment and offers local businesses exposure to international opportunities.

Here in Australia, AUSTREX agists livestock on over 50 properties across the eastern seaboard of Australia, Tasmania (including our high-genetics Wagyu herd) and Western Australia. These extensive operations provide opportunities to thousands of families and locals including mustering contractors, helicopter pilots, vets, trucking companies, feed suppliers, equipment manufacturers and more.

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Seeding knowledge

Our advanced information systems and technology means we invest heavily in training our customers and team members. But training doesn’t just deliver value to individuals, it unlocks production, skills and income for entire communities – especially in developing parts of the world.

Farmers wanted

As one of the world’s largest livestock exporters, we always have large, ongoing orders to fill. As a result, we are constantly seeking Australian and international farmers to trade with who share our vision of growing livestock communities professionally and sustainably across the world.

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