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“Australia is internationally recognised and respected for its quality livestock. At AUSTREX, we strive to connect international buyers with local livestock through an efficient and transparent supply chain.”

Justin Slaughter | Managing Director at AUSTREX

What We Do

Australia leads the world in its livestock health status and continues to be strongly proactive in establishing and developing systems to maintain this status. As a result, Australia has developed an enviable reputation as a global supplier of quality livestock that meet a diverse range of different market conditions in respect to livestock type, specifications, health status and adaptability.

Within this environment, AUSTREX is forging a strong reputation internationally for integrity, quality and reliability and has become a leading International Livestock exporter capable of sourcing livestock from multi-origins in order to satisfy client needs. AUSTREX has the expertise and experience to supply the following livestock categories:

Who We Are

Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (AUSTREX) is a major Australian exporter of primary produce, particularly livestock, to all major markets around the world.

AUSTREX has a long and recognised history in exporting breeding and feeder cattle, genetics and other agricultural products. A global trading house, AUSTREX is one of the largest livestock export businesses in the world with operations in Russia, China, USA, Uruguay, Turkey, Indonesia and New Zealand.

The product range includes beef cattle (both for breeding and fattening), dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses, buffalo and other livestock.

With recent events worldwide relating to food safety and animal welfare, consumers are progressively demanding more detailed, verifiable information and background on the products they purchase. The trading environment is changing, and Livestock Exporters, as a link in the global food supply chain must move forward in meeting this challenge. AUSTREX understands, manages, and leads the Australian Live Export Industry in this challenge.

What We Can Do For You

AUSTREX is a leading international livestock exporter.

Our company has a respected track record of reliability and consistency in delivering livestock to customer specifications and timelines. Through this, we have built long-term customer relationships based on trust and transparency.

AUSTREX is focused on exceeding customer expectation, through exceptional customer service and superior quality products. Our employees listen to customer needs and work in-market to provide expert selection, delivery and post-delivery handling of livestock, alongside world best practice animal welfare practices.

AUSTREX is continually developing mutually beneficial business relationships with targeted suppliers around the world. Global operations give AUSTREX greater control over the supply chain, ensuring superior quality livestock are delivered to customers ethically and responsibly.

We tailor solutions to individual client requirements ranging from the provision of a full turn-key technology transfer implementation to providing brief technical inputs on nutrition, animal husbandry, traceability and farm management programs.

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