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On The Right Track: Animal Welfare And Imports To Indonesia

A visit from the Indonesian transport minister a step in the right direction

With the new round of import permits from the Indonesian market it looks like it is going to be a good quarter for live exporters of cattle and local Australian cattle ranches. This quarter Indonesia has increased the number of import permits by an amazing 48% from 56,000 permits last quarter (January to March) to 115,000 permits this quarter (April to June) which is great news for both live cattle trade and local Australian farmers.

This increase in the number of import permits to Indonesia has created some hope that animal welfare schemes will be picked up throughout other countries. Indonesia seems to have refined their strategies and animal welfare tactics since their suspension in 2011 due to unethical treatment of cattle. More recently, just last month in fact, the Indonesian Transport Minister came to Australia, recognised Australia’s world-class animal handlers and commented on how Indonesia wants to adopt the ethical and humane treatment of livestock that Australia has. This is a great step in the humane treatment of live exports on a global scale.

Sourcing from local farmers… AUSTREX helps the community

In a recent interview on ABC Rural cattle farmers commented on how good a job the cattle buyers are doing, contracting as many farmers as they can and helping as many people as possible. At AUSTREX we have been supporting farmers for decades; providing employment and income for farming families as well as creating positive animal welfare outcomes.

…it’s not just our farmers that we look after

AUSTREX has over four decades of livestock exporting experience and one thing that has never changed about us is our dedication to the ethical and humane treatment of livestock. This commitment to the ethical and humane treatment of livestock extends all the way to seeing that the livestock arrives at their destination in the same healthy state they were shipped out in.

Thanks to our integrated online livestock management system we are able to keep an eye on the livestock and track their health from when they are purchased to when the customer receives them.
To emphasise our commitment to the ethical and humane treatment of livestock AUSTREX implemented the Australian government’s Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme requirements in all the countries that we operate in. On top of this we have put in a place a policy of 100% stunning before any livestock is slaughtered.

This 100% stunning before livestock is slaughtered policy is for all cattle supply chains to help guarantee the high standard of animal welfare that we adhere to.

We check our customers…

We do not export to just anyone. We always make sure all of our customers have the correct infrastructure to handle live export to ensure they can support the livestock they wish to import. We also teach our customers about animal welfare practices and safe animal handling.

For more information about our live cattle export or our initiative for animal welfare, or to enquire about any of our other services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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