Genetics &
Elite Breeding

AUSTREX works with a joint venture partner to supply premium genetics to support elite breeding programs in beef and dairy cattle, and goats.

We supply premium genetic products worldwide. All genetics are carefully selected for outstanding breed and performance attributes, while our team’s knowledge and industry connections ensure we can source and efficiently deliver premium genetic products to customers around the world.

Dairy livestock (cattle and goats)

    • Elite breeding bulls with leading Australian Breeding Values (ABVs) and genomic testing
  • Semen from leading sires with top-rating ABVs and genomic testing Values
  • High-production cow embryos
  • High-quality dairy goats for premium goat milk production

Beef cattle

  • High-performing, registered bulls from top Estimated Breeding Value (EBV) herds
  • Semen and embryos from all breeds
  • High-quality cow embryos
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