Supply Chain

AUSTREX offers insightful and tailored advice on the design and development of turnkey technology and data solutions to monitor and manage nutrition, animal husbandry, supply chain traceability, and on-farm operations.

Our advice spans:

  • Complete dairy facilities
  • Feedlot production systems
  • Supply and construction of multi-species abattoirs
  • Multi-species breeding and genetics facilities
  • Enhancement of existing livestock enterprise management.

We back our clients with comprehensive technical support programs to ensure they extract optimum value from their investments.

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Global Traceability Systems

AUSTREX takes its responsibility to ensure a transparent and traceable supply chain seriously. We’ve invested in research and development to create our own market-leading traceability and data collection technology – LivestockOne – to support the transparent movement of livestock.

LivestockOne tracks data on animals in export shipments from property of purchase through to in-market destinations.

Global Traceability Systems

Farm Management

Our farm management systems provide cost tracking and growth insights to allow identification of the genetics and practices that perform best under local conditions. A wide range of insights reports, as well as support and training, are available.

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RFID Tagging

AUSTREX offers a market-leading, tamper-proof worldwide unique identifier system that meets ISO 11785 and 11785 livestock identification standards.

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