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AUSTREX supply chain

We also provide consultancy services to advise and assist our international customers with the design, development and operation of world best practice feedlots, dairy farms and cattle breeding operations.

We tailor solutions to individual client requirements ranging from the provision of a full turn-key technology transfer implementation to providing brief technical inputs on nutrition, animal husbandry, traceability and farm management programs.

Traceability Systems

Delivering quality livestock through safe, humane and traceable livestock management systems.

AUSTREX has developed a market leading traceability and data collection system using a customised computer software program. This program is designed to accurately electronically record information about animals in a live export shipment from property of purchase through to loading and delivery to destination port.

This system also allows for Livestock to be either identified from their property of origin to slaughter, maintaining food safety and product integrity or to capture relevant breeding information for further integration to the destination country breeding management program.

Electronic Ear Tagging and Hardware

A tamper proof electronic ear tag (radio frequency identification device “RFID”) is applied to the animal when purchased that contains an ISO compliant worldwide unique number to ensure the identification of that particular animal.

These devices comply with the ISO 11784 and 11785 standard for radio frequency identification of livestock. These standards are the basis for the National Livestock Identification Schemes operating in many countries around the world.

All RFID tags must be read with a RFID reader or scanning device. AUSTREX can supply both ear tags and scanning devices upon clients’ request.

Farm Management Programs

AUSTREX can supply a computer program designed to record cattle weights and dates, and measure weight gains in cattle being fattened. It also records all costs, Vet treatments, carcass data, performance analysis and reporting, interfaces with electronic scales, RFID scanners, and barcode readers etc.

The main purpose of the product is to record everything that happens to cattle while they are owned, thus getting a profile on how they are performing. To do this we need to record their source (property of origin or Sire), their costs, their growth performance (dates and weights), drug treatments (and costs), and how they kill out (carcass feedback). The software will then produce reports by Property of Origin or Sire on selections of cattle to show how they have performed from a Profit or Loss point of view.

This program can assist our clients to identify genetics that are performing well under local conditions. This will allow AUSTREX to further refine our supply chain to meet specific country and client needs.

This program can record and manage information on the following:

  • Electronic weighing;
  • Electronic ID (RFID);
  • Batch update;
  • Cost Analysis;
  • Weight projections;
  • Identify low weight gains;
  • Carcass feedback;
  • Vet records;
  • Pen feeding (optional extra);
  • Feed commodities inventory system (optional extra);
  • Reporting

Technical Support Packages

The provision of technical support is an important component of delivering our customers value.

AUSTREX can deliver comprehensive technical support packages specific to individual client requirements.

These programs could focus on:

  • Nutrition, pasture production and silage management;
  • Dairy cattle and farm management;
  • Animal husbandry;
  • Breeding programs and reproductive performance;
  • Feedlot management;
  • Traceability systems.

Whatever the livestock or production system AUSTREX has the technical support package to assist you to successfully develop your local supply chain.

Turn-Key Technology Transfer

Turn-key technology transfer and project implementation requires a close partnership.

Turn-key technology transfer and project implementation requires a close partnership and a complex understanding of customer requirements.

Drawing on resources within the Group, AUSTREX has the capability to deliver cutting edge technology to provide a complete food supply chain solution.

These turn-key solutions include:

  • Development of a complete dairy facility;
  • Development of a feedlot production system;
  • Supply and construction of multi-species abattoir;
  • Supply and construction Dairy processing facility;
  • Development of a multi-species, breeding or genetics facility;
  • Management of an existing livestock operation;

AUSTREX has the expertise to help your project succeed in the global food supply chain.

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