We’re global livestock leaders

with a reputation for providing high-quality and trusted products and services. This has been achieved through collaboration with a number of valued partners including:

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Meat & Livestock Australia

MLA is the marketing, research and development body for the Australian red meat sector and works to foster the long-term prosperity of the industry. Through its subsidiary companies, it also drives innovation across the value chain and delivers the industry’s integrity and on-farm quality assurance programs.

The Australian Livestock Export Corporation

LiveCorp is the marketing, research and development service provider for the Australian livestock export sector. It works closely with industry stakeholders to continuously improve performance in animal health and welfare, supply chain efficiency and market access through the provision of technical services and research, development, and extension.

Consultant: Dr Temple Grandin

Dr Grandin is Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and one of the world’s most renowned animal behaviourists. AUSTREX works with Dr Grandin to ensure we have the highest animal welfare standards in place across our operations and to assist in the design of intuitive livestock handling facilities. In North America, almost half of all cattle are handled in a centre track restrainer system designed by Dr Grandin’s team.

Dr Tom Noffsinger

Dr Noffsinger is an award-winning veterinarian based in Nebraska, and an industry authority in cattle handling and husbandry. AUSTREX adopts many of Dr Noffsinger’s philosophies and methods in facility design, stockmanship, and low-stress stock handling, and works with him to build staff knowledge and expertise.

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