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Care. Customer. Community

Taking care of our livestock, communities and customers for over 40 years.

Austrex Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd

AUSTREX is a trusted global livestock exporter with a strong International reputation for understanding customers needs and delivering consistent and reliable solutions that enhance profitability and success.

customer enquiries

Customer Enquiries

AUSTREX exports livestock globally and is a major exporter of livestock to all markets around the world.

supplier enquiries

Supplier Enquiries

AUSTREX has huge international orders to fill, and we are looking for more Australian farmers to purchase livestock from.

our livestock

Our Livestock

AUSTREX delivers superior quality livestock through transparent and reliable livestock supply chain systems.

Australian Wagyu


After over a decade of foreign investment, the Australian Wagyu industry is now thriving as an entity of its own.

Livestock Exports

Established in 1973, AUSTREX is one of the largest livestock export businesses in the world, with operations in many countries. AUSTREX works closely with customers to create sustainable solutions. Our company prides itself on taking care of animals from when they leave their point of origin to when they arrive at their destination.

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Care. Customer. Community

We ensure our livestock, customers and the wider community are taken care of. We provide the means for some of our international communities to be self-sustaining through breeding and agricultural programs. Additionally we ensure our customers receive healthy, well-fed livestock suited to their unique needs.

We care about the outcomes, for AUSTREX the bottom line is not always the deciding factor. Our team must be satisfied that all animal welfare measures are implemented and carried out before we work with a customer. This benefits both the customer and the livestock.

Without our customers we could not be in business, which is why we work closely to make certain our livestock are well looked after and arrive safely at their destination.

Our communities are the foundation of our business. Whether it’s through trade benefits, training, technology transfers or in-kind support, we want our stakeholders to benefit from their experience with AUSTREX. We are community-focused and do everything possible to make sure our communities are taken care of. Part of this is helping communities in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia to be better equipped to breed and rear livestock to increase their own national production.

What AUSTREX can do for our customers

AUSTREX operates with a philosophy of ‘doing the right thing’. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure the safe and humane treatment of livestock in our care and to help build and empower the communities in which we operate, by supporting our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in Australia and across the world.

AUSTREX is continually developing quality supply chain alliances with targeted producers around the world. If you would like to know more about how AUSTREX can help you, please contact us today.

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