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AUSTREX has been a global leader in livestock export and supply chain management for more than 45 years.

Today, our export operations supply more than 26 countries, including markets in China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian and European destinations. We supply these markets with premium feeder and breeder beef cattle, dairy cattle, elite genetics and other livestock from some of the world’s best production areas in Australia, NZ, USA, Europe, Uruguay, and Chile.

AUSTREX works closely with its suppliers and customers, and invests heavily in training and innovation, to play an important leadership role in global animal welfare and supply chain transparency.

By sharing our products, our knowledge and our technology we’re committed to making a meaningful contribution to providing high-quality and safe food to the world, and to growing the prosperity of communities at home and in our customer nations.

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Australia is internationally recognised and respected for its quality livestock and genetics, and its leadership in animal welfare and food safety. At AUSTREX, we strive to connect international customers with the best Australia has to offer and deliver through an efficient and transparent supply chain.
Justin Slaughter
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at AUSTREX
Testimonial - Justin Slaughter CEO

The AgTrade Group

AUSTREX is owned by the AgTrade Group, a major Australian-owned agribusiness with companies including:

AgTrade Pastoral Pty Ltd – a significant Australian agistment and backgrounding business operating in 50 locations.

Paradigm Foods Pty Ltd – an exporter of high-quality Australian beef and pork.

Thrive Agri Pty Ltd – an exporter of high-quality Australian fodder.

We share AgTrade’s philosophy of serving our primary producer clients by determining the needs of high-quality and long-term international customers and assembling safe and efficient supply chains to match.

We also seek to be continuous innovators in how we meet these global needs. For example, we’re an international leader in the use of air transport in our supply chains to deliver premium Australian and New Zealand livestock in more than 20 major aircraft shipments each year.

The Management Team

AUSTREX are proud to have a management team with a broad experience with livestock export and supply chain management.

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